Workcover and DVA

At Back in Strength we are pleased to work with both Workcover and other insurers, in helping clients move from hands on therapy to a carefully designed exercise program, aimed to gradually restore function and strength. We start with stability and control exercises, graduating to more functional and complex exercises. These are all supervised under the care of our physiotherapy team. We are happy to work in conjunction with your GP and treating physiotherapist. Before attending we need to have a referral from your GP and notification of your insurer and claim number.

DVA Clients
If you have a gold card, your programme is covered, as it is provided by physiotherapists. We require a current D904 referral from your GP. We can then assess you and begin to start you on a relevant exercise or balance program.
If you hold a relevant white card, we can still cover your treatment if it relates to your specific injury site.




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