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Back In Strength
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Anne Waithman founded the Deakin physiotherapy practice in 2011. After many years of manual therapy and sports medicine, Anne had become passionate about long term resolution of painful conditions through evaluating muscle balance, flexibility and above all, control of stability systems in the body – preventing unwanted and inappropriate movement. This lead Anne to implement Pilates and core control training in addition to the treatment of spinal pathology and pain, as well as sports and work injuries.
Anne built a reputation for her ability to rehabilitate lower back pain, and as such the practice was called Back in Strength. However, Anne began to have success with other spinal conditions, such as chronic neck pain, shoulder and knee pain, and gradually she shared her practice with like-minded professionals. Manual therapy, strapping, women’s health, dry needling and hydrotherapy have also been areas of practice diversification. Back in Strength now provides both physiotherapy and Pilates services for Canberra.
More recently we have become the first practice in Canberra to offer Redcord assessment and treatment. This can be taken as a complete treatment, or in conjunction with other services, such as manual therapy and Pilates.




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