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Anne Waithman founded Back in Strength in 2011. She built a reputation for her ability to rehabilitate lower back pain, and as such the practice was called Back in Strength.  However, Anne began to have success with other spinal conditions, such as chronic neck pain, shoulder and knee pain, and gradually she shared her practice with like-minded professionals. Manual therapy, strapping, women’s and men’s health, dry needling and hydrotherapy have also been areas of practice diversification.

Back in Strength now provides both physiotherapy and Pilates services for Canberra. More recently we have become the first practice in Canberra to offer Redcord assessment and treatment. This can be taken as a complete treatment, or in conjunction with other services, such as manual therapy and Pilates.

Our team is dedicated in providing effective and personalised treatment to get you Back in Strength


Our Team


Jean Lim

Jean graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2014. She spent most of her clinical years seeing a variety of musculoskeletal patients in Singapore’s biggest structured hospital. As an avid believer of lifelong learning, she went on to specialize in the musculoskeletal field and obtained a Master of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) at her alma mater in 2021.

Her experience includes a myriad of conditions from generalised musculoskeletal pain in the spine and extremities, to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and post-surgical conditions (spine, shoulder, knee). Jean believes in empowering her patients with understanding their condition, strategies in targeting the root causes of their pain and collaborating with them to achieve their rehabilitation goals. Her treatment tools include manual therapy, dry needling, high velocity manipulation, targeted exercise program, kinetic link training and a keen sense to listen. She is fluent in both English and Chinese and is able to conduct a comprehensive assessment and treatment in both languages. 

Immersing herself around nature and playing sports such as badminton are what brings joy to her.


Hamish Wright

Hamish hails from New Zealand, graduating from the University of Otago in 2004. He spent 5 years working in a busy sports clinic in Christchurch before moving across to Australia. Here he worked in Sydney for 10 years treating primarily complex chronic back, hip and pelvic injuries, as well as people with persistent headaches. 

Hamish has always had a keen interest in a combined treatment and exercise approach to help fix complex problems, but also address the issues that have created them in the first place. More recently Hamish has developed a passion in Men’s Health, helping men recover from incontinence issues (often encountered following prostate surgery), and complex pelvic pain. 

Outside of work he finally hung up the rugby boots after one too many visits to the surgeon. He now enjoys running and exploring the outdoors surrounding Canberra with his wife, then spending an evening creating in the kitchen with a nice local wine.


Hannelie Roodt

Hannelie was born in South Africa in Pretoria and completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy at the University of South Africa in 1995. The last 20+ years, she has been working as a Physiotherapist in mostly Private Clinics. She did some travelling in her career and this led to working in America for 2 1/2 years. In 2002 Hannelie immigrated to Australia and have made it her home.

Her Interests are problems involving the spine, pelvis and the extremities. Looking at the whole-body picture trying to find the main issues to make treatment as effective as possible. Hannelie has done various courses over the years to strengthen her manual therapy technique to toolbox to allow her to address various problems. She also has a keen interest in Pilates Rehabilitation and prescribing Individualised exercise programs.

Currently Hannelie enjoys working part time and loves being a mum to four beautiful children.



Jo Stilwell

Jo graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy. Jo has worked in private practice since 1997 and moved to Canberra in 2000. She worked in pain management for three years in Canberra and completed a Graduate Diploma of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) from the University of Sydney in 2001.

Her experience in the musculoskeletal field and pain management strengthened her interest in exercise prescription and optimising body mechanics to improve the long term management of her clients. As part of her continuing professional development Jo has completed clinical pilates training (levels 1-4) through DMA, additional mat classes through Pilates Institute of QLD and APPI and level one Record Neurac.

Jo Enjoys treating all musculoskeletal conditions, with a particular interest in the management of chronic back pain, hips and shoulders.


Anne Waithman

Anne founded Back In Strength in 2011. After many years of manual therapy and sports medicine, Anne had become passionate about long term resolution of painful conditions through evaluating muscle balance, flexibility and above all, control of stability systems in the body – preventing unwanted and inappropriate movement. This lead Anne to implement Pilates and core control training in addition to treatment of spinal pathology and pain, as well as sports and work injuries.

She has an interest in back pain and has built a reputation on rehabilitating lower back pain. Anne has success with other spinal conditions, such as chronic neck pain, shoulder and knee pain.  

Anne enjoys living with her husband on their farm, surrounded by their abundance of animals. 


Tye Driver

Tye grew up in the Bywong area just outside of Canberra on a small hobby farm. A keen horse rider she competed in multiple disciplines within Pony Club, Australian Stock Horses & open competition. This led to a Bachelor of Management (Equine Business) from University of Sydney. She then joined the Australian Regular Army transferring to the Standby Reserves in 2014 to pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Canberra. She has worked in private practice as a musculoskeletal and community physiotherapist.

Tye has a keen interest in injury prevention living by the mantra ‘train smarter not harder’ and in maximising peoples’ function post injury, disease or disorder.

Tye loves the outdoors enjoying horse riding, snow skiing, hiking, mountain bike riding & travelling both around Australian and overseas, particularly the fantastic ski fields of Canada.



Jacqueline Anderson

Jacquie completed her Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 2004. She has furthered her training to gain expertise in spinal and pelvic realignment, core stability, running biomechanics, nutrition and biochemistry, scar tissue and myofascial releases, peripheral nerve mobilisations, breathing retraining, ergonomic analysis, ante-natal and post-natal physio, infant and child health and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

In order to find the cause of your symptoms, Jacquie adopts an integrated approach; addressing the musculoskeletal system in conjunction with the immune, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems. Jacquie has trained in Visceral Manipulation and Manual Articular Releases of the Spine, Pelvis and Lower Limb, Somato-Emotional Releases and Cranial Nerve Manipulation through The Barral Institute and CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. These profound therapies help the body to release long-standing patterns of tension and trauma. She has an extremely gentle hands-on approach, effective at addressing any chronic, complex or unusual complaints.

She also completed a Master of International Public Health in 2009, with a desire to improve health care in developing countries. Jacquie is passionate about helping people restore and enhance their health and overall wellbeing.



Madeleine Garret-Rumba

Madeleine graduated from the Australian National University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science. Wanting to continue her studies with a greater focus on health, she completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Movement Science at the University of Canberra in 2017 before graduating with a Master of Physiotherapy in 2020.

Whilst study for her Masters Madeleine gained experience working as sports trainer for Kingston Physiotherapy covering The ANU Griffins’ AFL teams from 2018-2019. She also gained experience helping to implement exercise and hydrotherapy programs as a disability support worker from 2019 -2021.

Madeleine believes in developing a strong relationship with clear and open communication to allow an individual work towards their goals. She believes in combining exercise and other evidence-based treatments, to find the lasting solution that will help someone get back to what matters to them most.

In her free time Madeleine enjoys going for a hike or bike ride around Canberra. She is a keen and competitive Trivia player, attending her local pub quiz religiously.


Jane Nemec

Born and bred in Adelaide, Jane and her husband arrived in Canberra for an 18 month posting 30 years ago…..and never left! With over 30 years experience in customer service within the banking/finance, retail & trade industries, Jane arrived at Back in Strength in 2015.

She has a passion for helping people and enjoys seeing the improvement of client’s movement as they progress through their journey at BIS.

In her spare time, Jane loves gardening, good food/wine, good company and Cats


Emma Meiklejohn

Emma moved to Canberra from Wagga Wagga in 2020 to study Physiotherapy at the University of Canberra.

In her free time, Emma enjoys exploring her new home, travelling and cooking. She has a keen interest in Pilates and is a regular gym attendee.


Nomi Kallmier

Nomi (Noh-Me) is currently studying engineering at the Australian National University.  She hopes to be able to one day help create more sustainable ways of living, because she enjoys any and all types of sports and outdoor activity.

Nomi’s favourite things to do include yoga, camping, hiking, rogaining and lying in bed with friends, watching tv and relaxing from a long week!

Expressions of interest

We are always on the lookout for new enthusiastic  staff members for all positions at Back in Strength! Please feel free to send a resume and cover letter to office@backinstrength.com.au – we look forward to hearing from you!




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