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Sport specific programmes

At Back in Strength we assist many clients in achieving optimal form for competition, by balancing their strength or repetitive training with exercises that target stability and control.

Examples include;


Our assessment is evaluating; posture, spinal stiffness, hamstrings length, core strength, knee and hip range of movement. Following this we highlight goals to improve your performance, and set an exercise programme using both physiotherapy and Pilates equipment, as well as a home program.



Assessment of rotator cuff strength and scapular control is very important when we devise your program. Combining it with improved core strength and spinal control will enhance your performance.


Runners: Sprint, long distance, triathletes

Analysis of core and pelvic strength, biomechanical factors, lower limb alignments and relevant muscle strength and length relationships, will allow us to develop a relevant program for you. Many of our clients have felt more power, enhanced stride length and experienced less injuries once starting our Clinical Pilates programs that are individually designed for your body.


Snowboarders and skiers

Did you know that improving balance and proprioception can decrease non-contact injuries whilst skiing by up to 89%?

Our 6 week Ski Fit program will have you on the slopes ready for an accident free season! Our classes aim to increase leg strength, improve balance and proprioception, provide better flexibility and core strength. Offered late May, early June each year.



Pilates was originally designed for dancers, so it is ideally suited to enhance core and pelvic stability through a large range of flexibility. Our large range of varied equipment will allow us to design a varied and diverse program for your dancing requirements.



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