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Reformer Pilates Classes

One option to address your core strength is to attend the Reformer Pilates classes, where exercises are predominantly performed on the Reformer, a piece of Pilates equipment that promotes core stability, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. These classes are held in our clinic in Deakin, Canberra and are recommended for clients who do not suffer any current pain or musculoskeletal condition, or who have progressed from Clinical Pilates on the advice of their physiotherapist.

Reformer Pilates in Canberra

Reformer classes are group Pilates workouts, with all clients following the teachers instruction. Our reformer classes are small, just 7 participants, ensuring adequate supervision from our physiotherapists. There is also a section of the class which focuses on individual strengthening goals- which is assessed during the short Reformer Assessment required before you commence. Use of small apparatus and mat work is also included. These classes are challenging, have a wide variety of repertoire and are lots of fun - the hour goes very quickly!

All our Pilates classes, initial assesments and follow ups consultations, qualify for private health insurance rebates under physiotherapy.



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