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Canberra Redcord Studio

At Back in Strength, we are excited to be the first practice in Canberra to introduce Redcord to our practice. This innovative tool is fantastic for everyone, offering both remedial therapy for patients with pain, and challenging core exercises for the athlete!

Over 20 years of research and clinical experience in Norway has made Redcord a leading concept for active treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction. Its diversity and complexity allows it to provide the link between rehabilitation and performance.

How does Redcord Work?

Clinical Studies have shown that the stabiliser muscles tend to switch off due to pain and/or lack of use. This leads to impaired movement, poor strength and control, tiredness and poor performance. Even when the original pain subsides, the program can remain "switched off", leading to chronic dysfunction and additional pain. These conditions become chronic or recurrent without active treatment. When a patient is place on the Redcord slings, "weak links" in movement control can be found, and the system re-educated back to normal. Redcord can be used as a stand alone regime, or integrated with Pilates and Physiotherapy.

We incorporate Redcord into our clinic via private, hour long sessions on our Redcord workstation in the Deakin rooms. Alernatively we have a few select Redcord classes (groups of 3) in thestudio. Due the physical demands this is a 30 minute class, your physiotherapist can guide you to determine if this is appropriate for your needs. A separate assessment is often required as treatment is quite specific.


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