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Pregnancy Care and Pilates

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At Back in Strength we offer care for your body during this special time. We aim to help keep you healthy and pain free during your pregnancy. Our services include;

  • Pregnancy Pilates classes
  • Physiotherapy for pelvic pain or back pain during or following pregnancy
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Pelvic floor advice

A women's health physiotherpay assessment starts with a discussion covering topics such as bladder habits, bowel fiunction,sexual intercourse, pain, gynaecological and obstetric history, general medical history and pelvic floor awareness. This discussion allows the physiotherapist to develop a better understanding as to the state of your pelvic health. Following this discussion, with your consent, an internal vaginal examination is performed. An internal examination is necessary to properly assess any weakness,spasm or change to your pelvic floor muscles and to assess for the positioning of the pelvic floor organs. All of this cannot be determined externally. During the internal examniation you will be given immediate feedback and cues to assist you to improve the function of your pelvic floor if required.

Following both the discussions and internal assessment, a management plan will be formulated that is both appropriate and agreeable to you.

Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

With changing body shape and the influence of changing hormones, many women experience the following conditions during pregnancy

  • Abdominal separation
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pubic symphysis pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, such as bladder leakage and urgency

Our physiotherapists can assist you in relieving these conditions with hands on treatment, so you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy more.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Pregnancy care and Pilates, Deakin

All pregnancy Pilates programs begin with an assessment to discuss your history or any pregnancy-related issues you may be experiencing. A thorough but gentle physical assessment will be carried out to determine any postural weaknesses, altered alignment or pelvic floor issues.

Medical clearance from your GP or Obstetrician is compulsory before commencing either the pregnancy Pilates classes.

You can attend by coming to any of Clinical Pilates Classes, where you will follow a specific pregnancy program designed for you. So you can start at any stage after 12 weeks pregnancy. Call us today to book the option that best suits you! 

Our classes are gentle, safe and specifically tailored for pregnancy. We target specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor plus leg strengthening exercises and breathing techniques will be included to help with the childbirth process.

The classes utilise Pilates equipment or other small apparatus, allowing us to tailor make an exercise programme suitable yet effective for pregnancy. We think our pregnancy Pilates classes are fun, with a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. You will be closely supervised by a physiotherapist who will help you to improve your technique and posture.

Benefits of exercising whilst pregnant

  • Prevent pelvic girdle and low back pain
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen core muscles and pelvic floor
  • Prepare upper body strength for breast feeding and carrying your baby
  • Maintain strength, flexibility and fitness
  • Prepare for birth and care of your newborn babe
  • SAFE, effective exercise supervised by physiotherapists

You have 2 options in our timetable

  1. You can attend our Pregnancy Pilates class (approximately 7 in a class). This is a generic class, which means everybody follows the same exercise. Naturally these can be modified for you by the physiotherapist if you are having any difficulty.
  2. You can also attend a Clinical Pilates class which is still designed for pregnancy, but utilises all the studio equipment (reformer, trap table, wunda chair, Core Align) and can be offered at any time during the week (up to 4 in a class), including from 6pm and Saturday mornings.

Pregnancy and back pain

It has been suggested that up to 90% of women may experience some back pain during their pregnancy. You may notice that as your baby grows, more weight and stress loads the spine. When these factors are added to the increased laxity of the supporting ligaments, back pain may occur. This is all quite normal, but at BIS we can help you take some steps to manage your back pain, such as:

  1. Attending Pregnancy Pilates to strength you core muscles located deep in the pelvis and spine
  2. Physiotherapy to realign the pelvis and mobile the spine
  3. Improving postural awareness
  4. Provision of pelvic belts to improve pelvic stability
  5. Simple supportive taping techniques around the pelvis
  6. Prescription of SRC Pregnancy and Recovery shorts 



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