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Independent Programs

Looking for more independence or more flexibility in your weekly timetable? Feeling like you are confident to pursue your program on your own? Needing a cost effective way of keeping your back pain at bay? Perhaps our independent sessions are the answer.

If you have completed a series of Clinical Pilates and your physiotherapist is happy for you to continue on your own, you are welcome to book independent sessions in our clinic. Having achieved improved core strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility, it is important to continue enjoying these gains.

Alternatively, you can start after your initial assessment and have regular reviews with your physiotherapist. Independent classes are held at certain times during the week, and must be booked with our reception staff. However, you can book on a casual basis, which can be important if you travel away for work, or are planning a holiday and will miss several weeks of the term.

Completing independent session's means you can continue your program with full use of the studio. This includes utilising the reformers, trap tables, wunda chair, core align, fitballs, weights and other small apparatus. To keep the program relevant, many clients choose to have a review with one of our physiotherapists every 8-10 weeks. This allows us to increase the complexity and challenge of the exercises in your program.

To benefit from this, you will need to book a half hour follow up with your physiotherapist. They will reassess your strength and ability, then may change your program, your homework or offer additional advice.

Although our receptionists are in the studio, there is no physiotherapist supervising your progress, consequently there is no private health fund rebate. However, it is an economical way to continue consolidating your core and joint stability.



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