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Choosing Your Pilates Class

We start with developing awareness and recruitment of specific core muscles, and progress to advanced exercises that result in a strong and stable body. We will observe you carefully to ensure you receive maximal benefit from your class and ensure your safety.

The Classes we offer inlcude;

  • Clinical Pilates (Group Exercise)
  • Reformer Class (Class Exercise)
  • Independent Sessions
  • Pink Pilates
  • Ante-Natal (Refer to Women's Health Information Page)
  • Post-Natal (Refer to Women's Health Information Page)

The Process of Joining A Class

In order to gain the clearest understanding of your
musculoskeletal issues, we perform an extremely Clinical Pilates in Canberrathorough initial examination. We assess your movement patterns, flexibility, strength of the important core and pelvic stabilisers, and also determine any "bad habits' your body may have adopted.

Depending on these findings, we will ask that you have a couple of private sessions, so to gain accurate recruitment of the specific core and other stability muscles, such as the gluteals, scapulo thoracic muscles and pelvic floor.

For patients with a complex or long history of problems, they may choose to stay with private sessions in order to consolidate their learning with undivided attention from the instructor. These sessions can be booked throughout the week, including after hours and Saturday mornings.

Clinical Pilates

The Clinical Pilates(Group Exercise Class) is our most popular and highly demanded class we offer. They are an hour in length and have one Physiotherapist supervising the four people in the class.

Clinical Pilates is suited to everyone, from the teenager to the elderly, the injured to the elite athlete, anyone who wants to improve their core stability and function, and get the most from their body.

Clinical Pilates in CanberraAfter your initial assessment with a physio and you have 'found' your core and demonstrate effective movement patterns, you can commence Clinical Pilates. This is a specialised form of traditional Pilates, run by physiotherapists and incorporates modern, scientific research with specialised Pilates equipment. We bring the most current strengthening methods in Physiotherapy and apply it to the Pilates equipment. These classes use all the available Pilates equipment in the repertoire - trapeze tables, reformers, Core Align, barrels and small apparatus. In these sessions clients follow their own programme, which has been developed specifically to address individual issues.


If you would like to attend a tailored program of Clinical Pilates in Canberra, simply call one of our friendly receptionists on 6282 9992 to make an appointment for a Pilates Initial Assessment today.

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Reformer Pilates Classes

The Reformer Class (Class Exercise) is our
second most popular class we offer. An Reformer Pilates in Canberra
hour in length, with seven people to a class it provides a more challenging version of exercises then Clinical Pilates. As opposed
to CLinical Pilates, all participants follow
the Physiotherapists instructions as a group and do not have indivdualised programs.

These classes are recommended for clients who do not suffer any current pain or musculoskeletal condition, or who have progressed from Clinical Pilates on the advice of their physiotherapist.

These classes are challenging, have a wide variety of repertoire and are lots of fun - the hour goes very quickly!

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Independent Sessions

Looking for more independence or more flexibility in your weekly timetable? Feeling like you are confident to pursue your program on your own? Needing a cost effective way of keeping your pain at bay? Perhaps our independent sessions are the answer.

Many of our clients who  attend indpendent sessions have completed a series of Clinical Pilates or Reformer Classes and their physio was happy for them to contiunes on their own. It works on a casual basis, checking with reception staff and seeing what times are available for the week. 

It's a fantastic option for those who have enough experience through Clinical or Reformer Classes, but limited time availabilty and a cost effective way to keep the pain at bay. 

Completing independent session's means you can continue your program with full use of the studio. This includes utilising the reformers, trap tables, wunda chair, core align, fitballs, weights and other small apparatus. To keep the program relevant, many clients choose to have a review with one of our physiotherapists every 8-10 weeks. This allows us to increase the complexity and challenge of the exercises in your program.

There is no physiotherapist supervising your progress, consequently there is no private health fund rebate. However, it is an economical way to continue consolidating your core and joint stability.

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In the Pink, Canberra - Pilates Program

Our "In the Pink" Canberra program is a new initiative at Back in Strength. It is designed to help women gently recondition after undergoing surgery for cancer and during/following chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It doesn't matter what type of cancer, you are welcome to attend our clinic.

Exercise has shown to be extremely important following cancer diagnoses - to help combat side effects and it may even impact survival rates. However, when you are feeling tired or unwell, it can be hard to find the motivation. It can also be difficult to know what the best type of exercise to commence with is. That's where we can help!

Our program is delivered by physiotherapists in Canberra, and provide safe and effective regimes to maximise recovery, regain strength and endurance. We understand that your endurance and stamina may be affected, and we aim to provide a gentle environment to aid your recovery. If you can't exercise for an hour, you can stretch, meditate quietly or even have a cup of tea with other participants.

Our aims:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Restore range of movement
  • Decrease muscle tightness and ease pain
  • Strengthen stability muscles (like the core abdominals) which can be affected with bed rest and inactivity
  • Move to a "wellness' frame of mind
  • Enhance energy levels

We aim to assist the women of Canberra get back to living by regaining their strength and endurance as quickly as possible.

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