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Clinical Pilates in Canberra

Clinical Pilates in CanberraOur Approach

At Back in Strength Deakin, our approach of Clinical Pilates is quite unique.

In order to gain the clearest understanding of your musculoskeletal issues, we perform an extremely thorough initial examination. We assess your movement patterns, flexibility, strength of the important core and pelvic stabilisers, and also determine any "bad habits' your body may have adopted.

Depending on these findings, we will ask that you have a couple of private sessions, so to gain accurate recruitment of the specific core and other stability muscles, such as the gluteals, scapulo thoracic muscles and pelvic floor.

For patients with a complex or long history of problems, they may choose to stay with private sessions in order to consolidate their learning with undivided attention from the instructor. These sessions can be booked throughout the week, including after hours and Saturday mornings.

Clinical Pilates in CanberraOnce you have 'found' your core and demonstrate effective movement patterns, you can commence Clinical Pilates in our Canberra clinic. This is a specialised form of traditional Pilates, run by physiotherapists and incorporates modern, scientific research with specialised Pilates equipment. These classes use all the available Pilates equipment in the repertoire - trapeze tables, reformers, Core Align, barrels and small apparatus. We recommend Clinical Pilates for anyone with a history of low back or neck pain, musculoskeletal condition or chronic disease. In these sessions clients follow their own programme, which has been developed specifically to address individual issues.


If you would like to attend a tailored program of Clinical Pilates in Canberra, simply call one of our friendly receptionists on 6282 9992 to make an appointment for a Pilates Initial Assessment today.

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Pilates Background

Joseph Pilates was an innovative health practitioner, used traditional strengthening regimes and became famous with his work in New York in the 1950s. He designed pieces of equipment we still use today.

However in the 1990s, prominent Australian medical research into low back pain identified deeper core muscles that were responsible for spinal stability. It was shown that these muscles became inactive due to the presence of back pain and conversely, reactivating these muscles helped reduce back pain and restore strength and control to the spine. The focus became one of muscle control rather than just traditional strengthening regimes. As the Pilates equipment assisted in this approach, Australian physiotherapists have blended the best of Pilates with current knowledge of muscle systems, and developed "Clinical Pilates".

Clinical Pilates

With the Back in Strength program, we also use this cutting edge of scientific research and our wide clinical experience to provide Clinical Pilates to the people of Canberra. Similar developments in the understanding of shoulder and hip stability, also lends itself to the Clinical Pilates setting. In short, we bring the most current strengthening methods in Physiotherapy and apply it to the Pilates equipment. However we do not stop there - we also use proven stability exercises using balls, mats and other contemporary physiotherapy exercise, vibration therapy, core align and EMG to assist us in using whatever we need to get the best response from your body.

Our program suits everyone, from the teenager to the elderly, the injured to the elite athlete, anyone who wants to improve their core stability and function, and get the most from their body.

Reformer Pilates in Canberra

"Your core, our priority!"


We all know - Exercise is Medicine

Long-term studies show that if you've suffered lower back pain, there's an 84% chance that it will recur within one year unless you begin a specific exercise program to strengthen your core muscles. Similar statistics apply for neck pain as well.

Our physiotherapists are trained in assessing movement and prescribing relevant exercise routines, plus utilising both Redcord and Clinical Pilates to help achieve a long term management plan.

And if you are carrying an injury and need advice and treatment, you can take advantage of our extensive physiotherapy services.

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