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Back in Strength offers centrally located physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation practices in the central location of Deakin.

We are a team of expert physiotherapists who have post graduate qualifications and experience – including Pilates training. We ensure all our patients receive quality care, including detailed assessment, careful and accurate treatment, as well as relevant education.

Why Back in Strength?

As our “Back in Strength” practice grew, we started offering more than rehabilitation and core stabilisation. We were asked to provide more manual therapy, massage, and women’s health services, plus we started responding to requests for home visits. We identified 5 main services:

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Clinical Pilates – our Back in Strength approach is offered at our studio
  3. Redcord – the Scandanavian answer to core stability- presently at our Deakin clinic and studio.
  4. Women’s health and pregnancy care
  5. Hydrotherapy and Home Visits

We are a highly credible team, working closely with your doctor and other treating health practitioners.

One fact we are particularly proud of; over 80% of our new clients are referred by friends and family. We think it’s our best testament to our care and professionalism.


We are one of the largest and best equipped Pilates studios in Canberra. We possess a bank of reformers, trapeze tables, core align, whole body vibration, plus a selection of small apparatus, such as balls, bands, rollers and circles. We are also the first Canberra practice to offer Redcord treatment and exercise regime.

We also offer highly specialised manual therapy to assess and treat your pain or injury, and then we address long term management via personal core stability programmes conducted by experienced physiotherapists trained in Pilates. Our comprehensive Back in Strength studio caters for the elite athlete wanting to achieve greater performance, clients recovering from injury or surgery, people suffering from neck or back pain and everyone in between.


We believe that all people deserve quality and compassionate physiotherapy services. We know everyone wants to be able to live life to their fullest, achieving their work, sporting or social goals. We understand how pain or injury can prevent this, and our aim when treating, is to understand both recent symptoms as well as any underlying causes that may be contributing to the problem.

Having access to our unique BACK IN STRENGTH Pilates and Redcord studio, allows us to extend our treatment to exercise based care, ensuring long term strengthening and correct movement patterns, to ensure you get well, then stay well.

Our Belief

Our defining belief at Back in Strength is simple – we care about you.

We will work hard to make your assessment detailed, your treatment accurate - with the aim to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. Remember, we are all experienced physiotherapists offering expert care – you’re in safe hands

Our rehabilitation philosophy has the catch phrase
" Think Move Improve "

It is well documented that muscle recruitment and movement patterns change with ongoing or chronic pain. Thus, we endeavour to restore healthy movement again – requiring you to think about what muscle you are recruiting, and how you are moving. Sometimes we need to stop a muscle from being too active, others muscles need to contract more efficiently.

Once your body starts to learn HOW to recruit the correct muscles, we need to add movement, to make the rehabilitation last longer – into more complex movements, into sporting performances or simple tasks like mowing the lawn. So we need to MOVE correctly and efficiently.

Once we have addressed the former, IMPROVEMENT comes as a natural consequence.


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