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Pilates & Physiotherapy in Canberra

Back In Strength offers physiotherapy,Pilates and Redcord in Canberra. Our Deakin practice offers hands on physiotherapy in addition to exercise based rehabilitation and pilates. We use the latest, cutting edge technology, such as real time ultrasound and EMG for muscle assessments, in addition to the most advanced and current Pilates equipment.

Thus we are one of the largest and best equipped Pilates studio in Canberra. Our Deakin studio has a bank of Reformers, trapeze tables, core align, whole body vibration, plus a range of small apparatus, such as balls, bands, rollers and circles.

Our Canberra physiotherapists are reknowned for their caring approach; we work extremely hard to provide current clinical practice in order to both treat your pain and then keep it at bay. This brings us to our unique blend, adding appropriate exercise routines to provide long term management of your issues.

We offer highly specialised and personal core stability programmes and Pilates in Canberra conducted by experienced physiotherapists trained in Pilates. Back in Strength caters for the elite athlete wanting to achieve greater performance, clients recovering from injury or surgery, people suffering from neck or back pain and everyone in between.

We are confident that you will be highly satisfied with the level of care and treatment received.


Key Features:

  • Highest standard of instruction available - supervised by Canberra physiotherapists with post graduate qualifications in Biomechanics and Pilates
  • Wide range of specialised Pilates equipment including a bank of Pilates reformers for class situations
  • Carefully constructed programmes that are designed specifically for your needs
  • Variety of exercise options: private sessions, clinical Pilates, reformer and circuit classes
  • Central location in Deakin, Canberra with extended opening hours, including Saturday mornings
  • Lots of variety in programmes, we add Whole Body Vibration, Real time Ultrasound, Redcord and Slackilines to provide the best combination of exercises and relevant progression - to get you Back in Strength!


Watch the following video from the Redcord Institute, which explains the process of Redcord treatment.

So if you are searching to enhance your general fitness and muscle tone, find answers to ongoing injuries or pain, improve your sporting performance, then you have found the right physiotherapists in Canberra!

Physiotherapy in Canberra



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